Facts to understand before buying a power bank

The main and sole purpose of power bank is to provide power in portable location. It is efficiently a portable charger for all the USB charging devices. Power banks are designed in different shapes and sizes. The shape and size should be chosen according to people requirement for the device. To buy a portable charger, there are few facts people should keep in mind. Here is the list of facts that a person should follow before finalizing with power bank.


Power bank is categorized into two based on its mode of getting charged. Once the type is explored, people can easily find their way towards right choice. The types are as followed

  • Standard power bank – Standard power bank means the possible charging option. This takes electricity to get charged and it makes the normal operation.
  • Solar power bank – This kind of solar power bank option enables the better charging without using electricity. It is actually a better option that considers making more saving in the simultaneous choice. The charging will be done through the use of solar power generated from sun.

power bank


If best quality power banks are chosen, lifetime of the power bank is assured. The Lifetime represents either of the types by its mode of working.

  • Charge discharge lifecycle – Rechargeable cycle represents the number of time a power bank can be used to charge another device. It can be done through any means of access. The cycle is revolutionary.
  • Self discharge period – This represents the power bank whole lifetime. It may vary from one mean to another. This is basically explained upon the brand used.

Battery technology

Battery technology is usually of two kinds. Every power bank will have either of these types. The two major battery technologies are

  • Lithium ion – This is the slow charging one and it can store more electrical power. It is also a cheaper one in market to use.
  • Lithium Polymer – The power bank with this battery technology will have higher efficiency and it occupies more space that accidently make people to have better budget travels.

The aforementioned 3 topics are the facts people should check through before getting through final decision of buying power bank.