Introducing, The HV Equipment by HV Technologies, Inc

The HV Technologies, Inc. can provide their clients with a complete and brand new HV equipment or High Voltage test Equipment and also Service Solutions that are commonly used for the Utility and Electrical Power Industries. They do not base their quality on a single technology but are focused on the capabilities and functionalities that you will need.

Whether the HV equipment is used for testing the insulating properties of oil, cables or the HV transformers and accessories.the HVT also brings together the resources from designs, engineering, technology,  and support to make every job easier.

The Cable Testing and Diagnostics

The high voltage test equipment from BAUR that have very low frequency or VLF or AC/DC are very easy to operate when it comes to your cable testing needs. The VLF generators can be combined with field-proven diagnostic test methods. These test methods are tan delta and partial discharge which can help save the companies and utilities money by reducing the outages and optimizing the maintenance planning or budgets.

The Cable Fault Location Systems

Sometimes there are malfunctions in the cable systems even though the cable used for the distribution of electrical energy these days are already highly developed. To save from costs, trained staff and the best equipment is needed. The BAUR cable fault location instruments are used to detect short circuits faults, cable cuts, resistive and intermittent faults, and also sheath faults.

 The Measurement Systems

The HVT can provide accurate and reliable HV measurement systems for the tests and diagnostics information that are commonly used to assess the High Voltage insulation of the electrical generation, distribution, transmission apparatus, and also High Voltage insulating materials and components. It can be the measurement and analysis of partial discharge, tan delta, power factor, AC/DC, voltage, and also current impulse signals. This is also used to analyze transformer and electrical meter testing. Everything you need, HVT has a solution for you.

BAUR: The HV Technologies, Inc Partner

BAUR is the official partner of the HVT for cable testing and diagnostics. They are also partners in cable fault location, insulating oil testing and is the best in this industry. Their testing and measurement technology can prevent the damage to distribution networks and power systems. This will allow for appropriate planning of investments for the maintenance. It can also precisely locate the faulty cables. BAUR has over 70 years of experience which is why they are the world’s best in this line of business.