Breaking working remote barriers with Virtual Teambuilding 

The flexibility of working remotely always depends on the core of its efficiency. According to the research, the remote worker has the capability of working for a more extended period since his/her schedule has shorter and fewer breaks. Additionally, a virtual collaboration of advanced tools such as Time Clock Wizard can add tremendous productivity on a business.

Defining Virtual Team 

The virtual team can be defined as the teamwork of individuals who contribute to a team project through collaborative efforts. The primary purpose is to achieve goals and share objectives using communication means. Communication technologies include email, phone calls, fax, video conferencing, or fax.

The first step is to implement effective virtual teambuilding activities by understanding the importance of communication. A traditional office that surrounds physical communication enables the employees to work with each other much easier.

Time Clock Wizard

Base on the research that was conducted by Forbe, working at home is 13% higher productivity compared to day to day work inside an office. However, the managers of the virtual team can reflect on the following setbacks: Inadequate communication between the coworkers

  • Untrustworthy among the workers
  • Difference between culture and tradition
  • Lack of consistency direction

By engaging in virtual team building teaching and activities, they will learn proper communication between themselves and also their managers. The managers can also organize a training course to train an employee on how to communicate with each other.

The concept of team building

The concept of virtual team building was started purposed for employees and other group people who work together. Therefore, each workmate needs to develop a working relationship with one another. By doing so, they will collaborate in the development and bring tremendous results. Additionally, time clock wizard should also be engaged in various virtual team activities since it can significantly assist in time management.