Are you confused between gifting a gift card and other items?

When you are confused whether to give a gift card or cash or other gifts during Christmas and New Year season, the below points will help you to choose gift cards over other things.

Gift cards are a way of giving personalised gifts. If you choose other items like beauty products or kitchen items or electronic items, it is often seen that the recipients come back to the online ecommerce platforms to return the gifts they receive for a gift card or cash. It is because the recipient does not find the gift useful for them or for any of their family members. It might be because they receive more than one similar item as gifts during the holiday season.

The gift recipient will contact the e-commerce platform where the gift purchaser bought the item and go through all the return process which is a hassle. Moreover, this should be done without making the gift purchaser know that you returned the item back at the online store. If there is an error while processing a refund and if it goes to the purchaser account by mistake, it will definitely hurt the gift giver feelings.

In the same way, the gift giver might have taken due care to think about the recipient’s needs and interests and take time to place order for them. All this effort will go to waste when a recipient does not like or need the item.

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So instead of giving various items as gifts, gift cards are a better choice.The recipient will redeem the gift card to their existing balance like vanilla visa gift card balance.

With the gift card they can go to an online store or offline store and purchase an item which they need. Whenever they look at the item, it reminds them of you. They will surely say thank you to you in their mind for making them get such a  useful thing for them. This fulfills the purpose of giving a gift to your near and dear ones.

So, give a gift card and make the recipient’s life easier. Also, you don’t get hurt if you see that the recipient is not using the item you gave as well.