Ultimate puppy Feeding Guidelines for dog parents

A good feeding of the puppy not only consists in choosing the most suitable food for it, but also it is necessary to take into account other things and establish them as routines of feeding of the puppy.Click here for dry dog foods singapore.

A fixed space to eat and rest?

Yes, in this way the puppy can be calm, without anyone bothering it when it sleeps, and feel safe when it comes to eating. That place should be very easy to clean. You can choose a place whose floor cannot be scrubbed frequently, such as the wooden floor, place a carpet that you can wash, even some single-use absorbent material.Visit this site for dry dog foods singapore.

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How often does a puppy eat?

A newborn puppy eats 8 times a day, an amount that is gradually reduced as it grows, so that at 2-4 months it eats three times a day, to move to two. This number of times the puppy eats a day is maintained throughout the dog’s life, but if you have doubts about how many times a day a puppy eats, consult your veterinarian.

How much should a puppy eat a day?

The amount of daily food you should give the puppy depends on its size and age. Remember that you must divide the total daily food by the number of each time serving. If you still have doubts about how much a puppy should eat, the veterinarian can help you.

Should the puppy have meal schedules?

It is very normal for the dog to show some anxiety with food, this is its nature. To reduce it to some extent, it is good for the puppy to have meal schedules. The more rigorous you are with that schedule, the easier it will be for the puppy to get used to not asking between hours.