Know The List Of Top Five Richest Celebrities In Bollywood

At present, Bollywood seems like unstoppable with respect to the progress, which it makes with more than hundred movies and being released on a yearly basis. Though there is a tough competition found in Hindi-language movie industry, things favor the best of the best Bollywood actors who continue to rule not just the industry, yet also the hearts of millions of followers. Consequently, most of these popular actors have managed to build quite fortune due to their unparalleled success. By visiting, you will get the list of top 5 richest bollywood celebrities 2017.

List of top 5 richest celebrities in Bollywood:

  1. Shahrukh Khan with Net Worth of USD600 million: He is not just at the top but also popularly referred as the King of Bollywood. Being a richest actor, shahrukh khan is supposed to be one among the most favorite bollywood celebrity having garnered global fan followers. According to, he earns about 20 crore per movie with the networth of USD600 million.
  2. Amitabh Bachchan with Networth of USD400 million: He has virtually touched each and every height of fame, acting, success and money in his forty-year acting career. Also, he has won the title called Big B of Bollywood. Now, he charges reasonably as four to five crore for each movie, considering the absolute number of movies.
  3. John Abraham with net worth of USD245 million: The reason why John Abraham is too familiar in the Bollywood industry is because of his acting skills and muscular physique, which makes male fans strive to imitate and female fans to swoon. Right now, he has performed various types of roles ranging from more serious one in New York to Comical in Dostana. Being an actor and producer, he earns seven crore per movie.
  4. Salman Khan with Net worth of USD200 Million: With the course of time, Salman Khan has become the most diverse as well as versatile bollywood actors, being starred in an infinite number of roles in several hit movies. He is now among the top Khans of Bollywood because of his acting skills and physique. So he charges nearly 50 crore for every movie.
  5. Aamir Khan with Net worth of USD185 million: He becomes the third most popular Khan of Bollywood. He has charged about 30 crore for every movie.