Wisdom Tooth Extraction and Dental Health

Wisdom teeth form the third and last row of molars, which usually appear in the early twenties. They can be a valuable asset in the mouth if they grow in the correct shape and position and are precisely aligned, but they can be a source of great discomfort if they move or develop an infection during the process.

Therefore, its extraction is necessary and recommended by dentists.

 According to Singapore dentists, to extract a wisdom tooth, the final set of molars is expected to grow in an aesthetically correct way, but the teeth can be located away from adjacent molars or even lean in or out. This displacement can damage adjacent teeth, jaw and nerves.


They are enclosed in soft tissues or in the jaw and partially cut the gums, which provides easy access to various types of problems. Partial rashes provide an easy route to bacteria that, if ingested, can cause a serious infection. As a result, the patient experiences severe discomfort, such as pain, stiffness in the jaw, swelling and general illness. The infection can also cause tooth decay and other diseases that can become serious gum diseases. Since they are in an awkward position, brushing and flossing makes it difficult to control the development of bacteria. Therefore, dentists offer to go for the wisdom tooth extraction singapore.


This is not like other cases of dental misalignment or malocclusion for which Orthodontics Singapore has solutions; but early treatment with extraction methods would bring relief. This requires more intensive handling of displaced teeth, which are never treatable in Singapore. In this case, the dentist will recommend taking an x-ray before removing the molar to get the exact position of the teeth.