Remedies and relief from heartburn during pregnancy

Have you come across the street performers on the road engulfing fire? An object of fire is taken into the stomach in the form of entertainment. This works out to be the best way in order to describe heartburn during pregnancy and as most would find out that there is nothing entertaining regards that. An acidic hot lava burns and rises up your chest and do go on to provide a nasty taste in the mouth. Heartburn meds during pregnancy could provide you with a degree of relief and this tends to start from the first trimester of pregnancy and proceed from there.

Main reasons for heartburn?

Many possible reasons could be attributed to heartburn during pregnancy


Hormones have a role in every change during pregnancy and this is related to heartburn as well. A variety of stomach symptoms are associated with it as they are responsible for slowing down the process of digestion. If there is less stomach acids it causes acid influx and leads to heartburn

during pregnancy

Creating space for the baby

Once the baby grows along the baby tends to take in more amount of space. Baby is known to compress all the digestive organs and it does make easier for the stomach contents to pass through. This is all the more during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Once again the fact is presented that you could do nothing about prevention of organic causes which tend to arise during pregnancy. The growth of baby along with hormones is natural and is important part of pregnancy. This is pretty much like pregnancy infections medicine which needs to be figured out early before it develops on to something big.

The natural methods by which you can find relief from heartburn pregnancy

If you are a woman with a healthy and normal pregnancy, you are likely to come across easy and convenient measures in dealing with pregnancy. Just like anything in life there are exceptions to this as well. If you come across the fact that the symptoms of heartburn are severe you would need to consult your doctor.

In water add fresh lemon

Into 8 ounes of water you would need to squeeze in a couple of lemons. You can heat it for tea or keep it in the fridge in order to make it cold. It has to be stated that lemon works out to be a miracle. It does go on to increase the production of bile along with digestive juices that balances the acids needed for the digestion.

Plain water

Perhaps the best remedy of the lot. You should drink lots of water and all of them need not be gulped at once. Consuming it one go does go on to increase the symptom of heartburn and when the increasing size of the stomach is known to push the abdomen forward. The best bet would be to sip water all day along and if there is a consistent intake of water it flushes out the toxins.