How to Personalize Your Uniform

Be it a teenager or children wearing the same casual uniform seems boring for everyone. And it is normal, because at that age one does not want to be equal to the rest, and the uniform equals everyone. Therefore, before you meet a school authorize because it was with the skirt too short or without a tie, it is better to learn top ways to personalize the uniform that will leave your children and school happy.


An easy way to personalize the uniform is to wear jeweler: from glitter bracelets and pearl earrings to studded necklaces are all allowed to create a uniform to suit your style. It would be convenient to avoid brilliants and shrillness that give a less elegant touch, but some simple pieces may be ideal to characterize the uniform to the personality type of each student.


It is an easy way to customize the uniform and give it our style by using different shoes. Oxford shoes, loafers, ballerinas, booties, or even sneakers are accepted in most schools, so do not hesitate to find the shoe that you like the most and combine it with your uniform.

Enamel Badges


Girls can use hair accessories. On the other hand both boys and girls can take advantage of personalization through enamel badges or you can make use of ribbons or lace to customize your uniform. Depending on the style of clothing, you can make use of beautiful scarves with respect to the colors of the uniform.


There is nothing easier than adding different stockings in your uniform to make it look more personal. Use can-can stockings in various colors -combining it with accessories. Make use of a different pattern to give your uniform a more personalization look.

Belts & Backpacks

Another easy way is to add a belt to the uniform, as there are thousands of styles. Complement your uniform with the shoes and the bag or backpack that you are going to carry; you will have a perfect outfit. Thin, thick, colored, studded, with large buckles the belt is useful and offers a world of possibilities. Even belts with skirts that are high-rise look better.

Hope the above-mentioned ways will certainly help you personalize your uniform but remember that your personal appearance should not influence your academic performance, so give the best academic performance for a brigEnamel Badgesht happy and successful future.