Have a More Enjoyable Confinement Time

Now that you have gone through the tough 40 weeks of maternity journey as well as the formidable task of delivering your baby, it is finally time to bring home your bundle of joy! For first-time parents, this is a period of anticipation and excitement, but it may also be a time of uncertainty and stress. Many women begin experiencing desperation now they no longer have help from the nurses in the hospital and will likely be all alone with their infant.

Get help!

Don’t be ashamed to ask for support. Consult your mom, mother-in-law, dad, father-in-law, aunties etc… Don’t underestimate the value of family support. One of my friends came down with chickenpox two weeks after giving birth, and her dad took over as the main caregiver for the newborn. If you do not have reliable and experienced people to help you out, consider getting a confinement meals delivery sg for women.

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Get sufficient rest!

No amount of books you read or pre-natal courses you attend can prepare you for the exhaustion, frustration and even desperation of becoming a new parent. The sleep deprivation is dreadful. I can still remember the 3-hourly feed that my eldest son insisted on till he is almost six weeks old! Don’t underestimate the strain pregnancy sets on your body. You will need plenty of relaxation during the confinement meals delivery sg period allowing your body to recover from the sheer fatigue of childbirth so you can be powerful enough to take care of your newborn.