The Buzz About AWOL Academy Testimonials Scam – Is It Legit?

You might have already heard of the name of AWOL Academy from your friends or the internet. It is one of the most demanding digital educational academies in the world at present. AWOL Academy has different education courses from internet marketing to online money making and achieving financial freedom without having any job. As a matter of fact, it is encouraging people to quit jobs and take their courses with the hope of earning more and becoming financially independent and self-sufficient. But the steep pricing of the courses and overwhelming reviews on the internet are making people skeptical, and some have started to believe that it is nothing but AWOL Academy testimonials scam. Today, we are going to analyze and disclose the truth behind the rumors.

What Is Cooking In AWOL Academy?

AWOL stands for Another Way Of Life. Their courses are focused on the subject of internet marketing which is the biggest source of earning at present. There is no denying the fact that skilled and educated internet marketers can earn better than their normal jobs but to reach such a stage, it takes more than just a course. The reviews on AWOL Academy are so positive that their courses have become viral and people are ready to pay any price to get the course done and start earning money. As a matter of fact, some of the courses guarantee that you will earn a certain amount of money after the completion and this is the driving factor apart from overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The Truth Behind AWOL Academy –

AWOL Academy has A- rating from Better Business Bureau which is great. They also have 14-day refund policy after the purchase of any course. The price range of courses varies from $99 to $9997 which is simply insane, and this is what made certain people speculate about a scam. The courses in the lower range are simple video tutorials with no coach, and hence, they are ineffective. One can find better video tutorials for nominal fees. The courses in the higher range guarantee earnings but it involves lots of investment in terms of money and time which is not applicable for everyone. The fact that they focus more on paid advertising strategy has led to the belief of AWOL Academy testimonials scam though there is no truth found. AWOL Academy is legit even though the courses prices are extremely high. But they can be effective for people with no job and enough money to invest in paid advertising to get a return after the courses are done.