Three benefits of conference calls

Organising a conference call is a great way of bringing staff together to discuss ongoing or new projects when employees are scattered about in a range of locations. Taking full advantage of conference calling can save your business time and money.

Decreased overheads

Connecting via one call can save a huge amount of expenditure as you won’t have to spend money on fares, hotels or even the costs of setting up a meeting space. Plus, employees and other participants can just join the call from wherever they are without having to spend hours or even days travelling. For more information on just how expensive travelling to meetings can be, see this report from The Guardian.

Saving time

The time staff will save by not physically being present at meetings will free them up for doing a lot of other activities which will be beneficial for your business.

Conference calls are the fastest and most efficient way of bringing groups of people together. Also, they can be organised at very little notice as they are not dependent on location, which means much greater flexibility, and the opportunity for rapid response when necessary.

Good for the environment

Sustainability is good for the environment and that means it is good for business too. When meeting via a conference call, there is, of course, less travel and carbon emissions, along with less need to print out documents and provide all the paraphernalia associated with meetings. Reducing flying, in particular, is an extremely effective way of reducing carbon footprints.

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In a fast moving business world, there isn’t always the time to organise costly face to face meetings. Using conference calling makes your business much more flexible and agile, and it will save you money. Once the technology is in place, it is easy to meet with staff wherever they are, whenever you want.