How big brands are using tech in their stores

Any business relies on having customers, and happy ones at that, so it’s important that you continue to engage with them regularly and really understand their motivations and desires. In today’s society, we live our lives largely with new technology to help make our lives more straightforward. With technology increasingly part of our everyday ‘normal’ and portable thanks to the invention of the smartphone, it’s a brave business manager that does not embrace new digital advances to help their business.

Social Media

Despite changes to Facebook’s algorithms, and social media networks becoming increasingly ‘pay to play’ channels, this is technology you would be foolish to ignore. Think about your audience; how old are there? Are they men or women? What do they do? Not all social platforms will have the same impact for you, so be sure to choose the best ones to suit your business.

Depending on the nature of your business, it is worth exploring Influencer Marketing, whereby experts or celebrities are seen to endorse your product to their audiences to their own followers and generate sales.

Email marketing

Email marketing remains the most effective of all the marketing channels, and providing you have your processes set up correctly in the post-GDPR world, the Return On Investment is staggeringly impressive at 4400%. Make sure you target your preferred audience for maximum results, and tailor your message.

In Store

There are technological advances in physical technology too, often that appeal to all the senses. Perhaps it’s the lighting – they don’t always have to be white! Music is another great way to influence buyer behaviour but just be sure to hit the right balance; too slow and people will be turned off, but too quick and potential customers will be too distracted to make a purchase.

The Guardian outlines some more detail about how some of the UK’s biggest brands are using in store media to their advantage. If you’re interested in learning more, and how your brand might be able to use technology in store, look at the in store media options found online at Mood Media.
However you decide to try incorporating new technology into your premises, be prepared to test different ideas, and to analyse results, so you can be sure what is working and what customers are engaging with.