How a Brake caliper replacement is done?

Brakes control how strong the brake pads fit around the rotor so you can stop safely and in control. Over time, the calipers may rust or break in place, which can cause your brakes to freeze or fall during use. If you want to brake caliper replacement, remove the wheel that covers your brake system so you can remove the old caliper. Bleed brakes after installing a new brake caliper that fits your car model so that there is no air in the lines.

How to install a new brake caliper?

brake system flush

  • Look for a caliper that matches the year, brand, and model of your vehicle. Choose a caliper with clamps so you don’t have to adjust the hardware to the old one. Make sure the caliper has the same style as your old one. If not, you have to replace the caliper on the other wheel.
  • The banjo bolt is located on the main thickener and is attached to the hose that leads to the master brake cylinder. Take the ratchet pin and turn it counterclockwise to release the hose from the old caliper. After removing the old caliper, you can discard it.
  • Look for a big hole near the small hole at the top of the new caliper. Install the banjo bolts attached to the hose so that the threaded portion is in the big hole and the end of the elbow is in the small hole. Install the banjo screw clockwise to secure it before tightening it with your snoring.
  • Place the bracket that came with your brake caliper in the same place as the old one on the brake rotor so that the screw hole is behind. Insert the screw through the hole in the clamp and tighten it by hand until you can no longer turn it. Re-tighten the clamps with your snoring so it doesn’t move or move.
  • You can use the same brake pads as you had before, or you can buy a new one if you need to replace it. Slide the ends of the brake pads into the slots on the top and bottom of the bracket until they are connected to the brake rotors. Place another brake pad behind the rotor so that it sits safely in the brake device bracket.
  • Install the brake caliper so that the piston side is behind the brake rotor. Position the caliper above the brake pad unit and slide the screw through the holes above and below. Tighten the screw by hand so that you can no longer turn it before tightening it with your snoring.

Through the above steps, you can install or replace the brake caliper.