Corporate Art Jamming Singapore is extending a warm welcome to discover a new masterpiece

Looking for a pleasant and interesting exercise for team building with your peers for your next cohesion meeting? How about releasing your creativity in the comfort of your conference or workshop studio on the evening of a fun-filled Art jamming meeting? We’ll share some of the advantages of art jamming Singapore team building in this post.

  1. Fun Team Building Activity

Art jamming is a pleasant group construction exercise with EPIC workshops because the session will encapsulate aspects such as teamwork, encourage debate among peers and the play of roles. Teams paint either as a team or as a collective with a shared motif their work and bring out their creative essence.

  1. Promotes Creativity

Corporate art jamming Singapore team building encourages creativity with EPIC workshops since attendees have to untie their creative part to enjoy a fun evening of songs and art.

art jamming Singapore team building

  1. Learn Artistic Skills

EPIC workshops Art Jamming enables you not only to experience the instrument but also to discover the art of craftsmanship! Our in-house artist will start the workshop through a little art theory. You can advise on the manner and use the methods you learned during the workshop! The methods of painting will also be shown daily.

  1. Discover Yourselves in a New Masterpiece

You will not only take back your craft abilities at the start of the session; you will take back your fresh project! Place it in your cabinet or put it on your desk ceilings to bring a brand new decor and give your working environment lives!